What to look for when choosing a solar geyser supplier

To ensure you get the most out of your solar experience, ask yourself the following:

  1. Track record: You do not want your home to turn into a test run for an inexperienced solar company. Choose a solar company with a lot of successful installations to date. Chances are the mistakes they could make in the process, have been made and learned from.
  2. Post Rebate Strategy: Who is going to service your system periodically? Most solar companies are relying on the Eskom Rebate for sustainability in terms of their business model, but what will happen to them once the rebate have been removed? Do they have a Post Rebate Business strategy for survival when the 30% subsidy is gone, if they don’t, they are not taking themselves (and consequently you) seriously!
  3. Testimonials of satisfied customers: Ask the Solar Energy Supplier for at least 2-3 testimonials. If they refuse or they don’t have any, you should probably not use them.
  4. Do they make use of their product in their own homes? Never buy a BMW from someone driving a Mercedes… if they do not believe in their product – why should you?

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