Save cost with gas geysers

With the ever climbing cost of electricity in South Africa, considering a gas geyser instead of a conventional geyser, is a smart choice. This gas geyser system works with a pulse ignition that ignites the moment when you hot water tap is turned open. As soon as the hot water tap is closed again, the gas geyser shuts down.gas geyser

These geysers are specifically designed to making access to hot water easier at an affordable cost. Gas geysers only use gas when the tap is opened for instant hot water. You will have hot water as long as there is gas in the bottle.


  • Save up to 70% on your utility bill
  • Instant hot water
  • Energy efficient as water is only heated as and when needed
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Long lifespan of geyser
  • No risk of having a geyser ‘burst’
  • Affordable onset cost
  • Safe and simply to operate
  • No pilot flame (Instant Pulse Ignition)

These gas geysers are suitable for use in houses, workshops, camp grounds, low cost housing, service stations, farms and many more.

Size of gas geyser required:

  • 6 Lt/min: Suitable for small kitchen or camping
  • 8 Lt/min: Suitable for a normal sized kitchen
  • 10Lt/min: Suitable for a small bathroom
  • 12 Lt/min: Suitable for a large bathroom
  • 16 Lt/min: Suitable for a household
  • 20 Lt/min: Suitable for a full household with two bathrooms

It is calculated that at least 40% of your monthly utility bill is used to heat water. Installing a gas geyser is a good option as the running cost is still much lower than an electric geyser. Most gas geysers carry a one year guarantee (it has to be installed by a certified contractor).



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