Thermal energy & Geothermal energy

The most basic way to explain the difference between geothermal energy & thermal energy is that geothermal energy is heat produced by the earth and thermal energy can be created in all sorts of ways.

If you take a dishcloth and rub one of your nails, it will get hot. Pretty soon, you will have to stop because it will get too hot.  This is thermal energy you created by friction. Another example of thermal energy is creating fire by rubbing two pieces of wood together until its get so warm, a spark is created. The fire in turn creates heat, where we can boil hot water for coffee. Whether that heat comes from the wood, gas or even oil, it is all thermal energy.

Geothermal energy is generated and stored in the earth, like hot springs. In countries like Indonesia and the Philippines and countries in Central America, they already benefit from using geothermal energy as a source for electricity. Worldwide, about 10 000 megawatts of geothermal electricity is used by 24 countries. It is used for district heating, spas, industrial processes and space heating. It is cost effective, sustainable and good for the environment, reducing carbon footprints. The only somewhat negative fact is that using geothermal energy is limited to areas close to tectonic plate boundaries. This type of energy does release some greenhouse gasses, but the emissions of geothermal energy are much lower than that of fossil fuel, thus assisting in the curbing of global warming.

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