Service of a solar geyser

To maximize the efficiency and lifespan of your solar geyser, some things are recommended, like your solar geyser being serviced at least every three years. In areas with hard water or lower quality water, it is recommended that you have your solar geyser service more regularly, annually.

When you have your solar geyser serviced, the panels need to be flushed to ensure there is no blockage (direct water-system flowing directly through the panels – also known as heat collectors). All the fittings and valves on the solar geyser need to be checked for any leaks or malfunction. The tank of the solar geyser also needs to be drained and the inside should be thoroughly checked to see if the anode needs changing.  The Anode prevents your tank from corroding pre-maturely and should be replaced at least every three years.

Always insist on getting a service report from technician with photographs attached, so you have clarity and understanding of your system and its usage, inside out. Take note that a proper solar geyser service should take anything between 45 min to an hour.  Remember to also always ask the technician for the old parts claimed to be replaced. Thank you for being part of the solution.

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