Electrical Certificate of Compliance (COC)

An Electrical Compliance Certificate (ECC) is a certificate issued by a qualified electrician which certifies that the electrical installation on your property is safe according to minimum standards set in legislation. Any property owner must have a valid Certificate of Compliance.

The issue of Certificates of Compliance, also known as COC, is regulated by the Occupational Health & Safety Act (1993) combined with the Electrical Installations Regulations (2009).  This regulation states that no user may sell a property without a valid Certificate of Compliance.

What a contractor requires to issue a Certificate of Compliance?

-          Must be registered with the Department of Labour

-          Must have a valid fixed address & telephone number (must reflect on the Certificate of Compliance – postal boxes not allowed)

-          He must employ a registered person full time or be a registered person himself.

The Electrical Certificate of Compliance must have the following:

-          The logo of the Department of Labour

-          Must have a unique number given by the electrical contractor

-          Must be attached to the test report

-          Last page of the test must be signed by the registered person

When you sell your property, you will require a COC. A seller is not allowed by law to advertise their property as FOR SALE without a valid COC.  Only a registered person/ company may issue an Electrical Certificate of Compliance. An individual or company must obtain this license from the Department of Labour.

The owner of the house is responsible for the following:

-          For every alteration the user should obtain an additional Certificate of Compliance.

-          If the Certificate of Compliance is older than 2 years, transfer of the COC is not permitted.

-          Usually, the owner of the property is liable for the payment of the inspection.

In terms of the new regulations dealing with the Electrical Certificate of Compliance which came into effect on the 1st of May 2009, an owner of a property may not allow a change of ownership if the ECC is older than two years. It also states that the Certificate of Compliance must be in the new regulation format and accompanied by a test report.

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