Eskom Rebates

Eskom rebates are being offered on solar water heater installations & heat pump water-heaters.

Solar Water installations:

Solar power is one of the most effective and sustainable energy sources available on the earth. Eskom promotes the implementation of switching to solar heated geysers and offering rewards in the form of rebates for enforcing this.

Eskom will only offer a rebate if the installation was done by a certified professional they approved and if it is a registered system. If you are planning to claim yourself for the Eskom rebate, you will pay the full installation and will have to request a claim from Eskom directly. To do this, you need to submit a claim form, provided to you by a registered supplier. The form should be completed by both yourself and the supplier and must be signed off by a qualified electrician. Attached should be all the relevant documents, like the original invoice, copy of your ID, copy of utility/ electricity bill.

The claim form should be dropped off in a designated drop box or posted within 6 months of date of the installation for a Eskom rebate. As soon as your claim has been received, you will be notified, both when the facilitating auditors receive your application & when your application is processed and queued for electronic funds transfer.

Your Eskom rebate will be received within 8 weeks after receipt of your claim.

Suppliers do however have the option of claiming the Eskom rebate for you on your behalf. As the client, you sign over the rebate to the supplier who you buy from, and in turn you only pay the rebated price. This has to be with the prior consent of Eskom.

Ensure that an approved and accredited programme timer is correctly installed and set by the supplier.

Heat Pump Water Heater:

As consumer, you will only be viable for the rebate as long as the Heat Pump Water Heater was installed by a certified plumber, approved by Eskom.

These pumps sold by registered suppliers are already rebated by Eskom, so there is no need to apply for a Eskom rebate yourself. The rebate will be upfront, with no waiting period applying like with Solar Water installations.

For more information on Eskom rebates, you can contact the Eskom IDM customer help desk on (011) 800-4744 or email



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