How to wire a plug

Wiring a plug is much easier than you think. It is a matter of getting your colors right. You will need a screwdriver and a wire stripper/cutter to wire your plug.

Most plugs have three terminals: Earth (Yellow & Green wire), a neutral (Blue) and a positive (fuse) terminal wire (Brown).

  1. Make sure the appliance you are changing the plug on, is switched off.
  2. Using the screwdriver, unscrew the top of the plug or unclip the plug if it is a clip plug.
  3. Inside the plug, there will be three smaller screws on each terminal, holding the wire in place. Undo these screws just enough for the wire to be pulled through the holes.
  4. You will see a brown, blue and yellow with green wires.
  5. Using the wire stripper, strip the protective cable about half a centimeter, exposing the copper wire, to fit through the hole and cut off the extra insulation.
  6. Using your fingers, gently twist the copper until each cable is tight.
  7. When looking at the open plug from the back, the bRown wire goes to the Right and the bLue wire to the Left. The middle top pin is for the earth wire. This is an easy method in remembering which wire goes where.
  8. The blue plug wire goes into the left pin and will be marked with the letter N.
  9. The brown plug wire goes into the right pin and will be marked with the letter L.
  10. The green & yellow plug wire goes into the top middle pin.
  11. Place the plug wires in the correct holes and using the screwdriver, tighten the screws which hold them in place.
  12. Ensure that the electrical main power supply cord is firmly gripped by the clips.
  13. Replace the plug cover and fasten screws (if necessary).

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